Squirting On Cam – The Rise Of Amatuer Squirters On Free Sex Cams

Watch girls squirting on cam at CamStarz.co.uk

Squirting On Cam – The Rise Of Amatuer Squirters On Free Sex Cams

Females Squirting On Cam has become unquestionably popular among guys watching free sex cams online. For decades, we had associated squirting with many of the worlds best female Pornstars. Being ploughed hard by some ripped handyman and once he pulls out, boom the woman is gushing copious amounts of lady jizz all over his face. Nowadays, you’re almost certainly watching your hot neighbour from down the road, or even your mates sister squirt on cam. All from the comfort of their own home.

Not every woman can squirt or even knows how to squirt. But the ones who do obviously become extremely popular on free sex cams. You only have to click on the Squirters link on our free live sex cam site camstarz.co.uk to see the that thousands of hot female models have the #Squirt TAG.

Wireless Bluetooth Sex Toy Technology

If you are a massive fan of watching Live Webcam Girls then you’ve most probably seen an significant increase in vibrating sex toys. Vibrators have been around for ages, we know that. However modern wireless technology like Bluetooth has meant that these toys can be controlled by anyone anywhere in the world.

Today the vast majority of sexy amateur girls live on webcams will have a little pink think protruding from their sweet kitty. You guessed it, its a Wireless Bluetooth Sex Toy. Of course there are several varieties of vibe toys on the market. But undoubtedly the pioneers in this space are Lovense. This companies remote controlled vibration based sex toys became perfect for the camming world. Their patented “Tip-Based Vibrations” meant that you could Control Sexy Models with Your Tips.

Purchase Tokens and Tip the models

To be able to Tip the gorgeous models on CamStarz, first need to register for a free account with us. You can do there here: https://m.camstarz.co.uk/accounts/register/. Then all you need to do is purchase some tokens and start tipping the live sex cam models.

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One stunning webcam girl who just loves to be punished by your tipping prowess is Pavlovacolucci. A 20 year old squirting latina, who has what seems like a gallon sized storage tank of pussy juice that gushes out on tap. Pavlovacolucci has better accuracy than you kids SuperSoaker!

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100% Free Live Sex Shows | Livecamporn.co.uk

There has been a long standing debate as to whether Squirting and Female Ejaculation are the same thing or not. Some may refer to female ejaculation as more of a thicker creamy white cum like substance from the female prostate. Whereas with squiring, a more translucent liquid is expelled from the vagina. Although some research suggest that it’s just pee from the bladder.

Although this may be true for either argument. Does anyone who watches Free Live Sex Cams Online actually give two shits which it is. Both are damn sexy right? One amazing star of the webcam who can actually do both at the same time, is Ana AKA Hotfallingdevil. She just loves to love to cum and squirt hard on the daily.


To emphasise Hotfallingdevil is consistently performing high quality live sex shows. Which means most importantly you’ll be masturbating like a trooper hoping you both cum right at the same time. A show not to be missed!

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How To Give A Camgirl Squirting Orgasms

So you already know from earlier in the post that purchasing tokens and tipping the cam models, makes their little pink vibrator toy pulsate on command. But how do you give a camgirl squirting orgasms? Well to explain, it is as easy as 123 or ABC. The higher amount you tip the longer and stronger the vibrations will be.

Generally tip amounts of 1-99 tokens have low vibrations. But they are still powerful enough to get your favourite girl all wet and creamy. Tips of 100-499 tokens provide medium vibrations and with enough horny dudes in the same chatroom tipping these amounts, you can certainly make a pussy squirt. However if you are a bit of a high roller then anything from 500 tokens plus, you are gonna make any live interactive cam girl gush like you opened the floodgates of the Colorado river.

Control Models Squirting On Cam with Your Tokens

Another way you can achieve a similar result and Control Models Squirting On Cam with Your Tokens, is to do smaller tips but loads in one go. Although this method requires some super fast finger speed, you can still make a webcam beauty spasm like she’s been taken over by the exorcist. Yellow Wall is a term that is generally used when a model receiving multiple tips in a row. The desired effect can be seen below.

In summary Squirting is a phenomenon that a many wont like or understand. But at CamStarz we cater for the people who do, and who appreciate it for what it is. Extremely hot and arousing! We have provided a small selection of top squirting girls in this post but as can be seen on our main site, there’s thousands more eagerly waiting your arrival.

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