Make Money With CrakRevenue

Make Money With CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is the best and most trusted adult affiliate network and here’s why.

If you are a webmaster into dating, adult niche or adult webcams then you really need to check this affiliate network. In this post, we are going to discuss about.

CrackRevenue, the best CPA marketing programs for beginners. Keep reading to learn more about our CrakRevenue Review and Payment proof.

Getting selected for CrakRevenue is considered to be fairly tough and you’ll need a decent pitch at signup to get selected. If you have a website with a good amount of traffic then you’ll find it easy to get selected.

CrackRevenue is one of the oldest, most trusted and efficient CPA networks in the affiliate marketing industry. They have a huge range of high quality converting products and offers to choose from. Everybody can make money with them.

Before going into the CrackRevenue review. Let’s get to know a little bit more about the CPA network.

CrackRevenue Bio

Crakmedia is an international web marketing agency which is located in Quebec City and founded in 2010. They are specialized in monetizing internet traffic and operate an advertising network that generates daily sales in more than 200 countries. Their innovative strategies and technologies puts them among the world leaders in their sector.

Since 2010, CrakRevenue has received multiple awards and been recognized for its innovative efforts and products. The company was ranked 3rd in Performance Marketing Insider’s list of Top Performing CPA Networks of 2014. Also part of the Blue Book Guide’s 2017 edition of the Top 20 CPA Networks worldwide. In these 8 years they have really made their mark in the industry.

CrakRevenue Review

“Most of my income comes from affiliate programs and CrakRevenue  has helped me earn thousands of dollars. I found the network a few years ago and believe me it’s the best affiliate network for adult website owners or people looking to make easy money online.” (Steve Brown – CrakRevenue user)

Affiliate programs in the adult genre mostly consist of adult webcam offers, dating offers and male enhancement offers. The way you earn money is to refer people to join these websites and in return you will earn some commission. The commission usually comes from either of the ways highlighted below.

  • PPL (Pay per lead): This means that a person you refer will go to the website you are referring and create an account. They’ll have to enter their email id and name, etc. The earning depends on the country of the referred person. If the referred person comes from a Tier-1 company, then the usual commission ranges from $2.5-5. Similarly for tier-2 countries it may reduce to $1, and for tier-3 country gives a commission of $0.5. I have given a list of countries according to the Tier they belong further on in this post.
  • PPS (Pay per signup): This one gives you huge returns. If a person goes and makes a signup, meaning ends up purchasing a subscription at the referral website you will get a commission according to the terms of company. It may range between $25-80. Getting people to signup can be difficult, however, not impossible. Few signups with fetch you decent amount of commission money.

After getting selected then sign in to your account.

This is how CrakRevenue dashboard looks like:

(The above images also has CrakRevenue earnings and payment proof)

Countries according to the Tier:

Tier1: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Singapore, New zealand

Tier2: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, France, Iceland, Ireland, Puerto Rico

Tier3:India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, belgium

How To Get Approved By CrakRevenue?

Its a very common issue with people trying to join CrakRevenue, but don’t worry I’ll tell you exactly what you need to get approved by CrakRevenue.

CrakReveue is a high quality adult affiliate network. Many of our website readers have contacted us to ask exactly what needs to be done to get Approved by CrakRevenue.

There could be many reasons for the rejection of your website.

Quality Is Everything

You don’t need to create a fully comprehensive amazing website. Just a normal, simple, smart looking website with decent content. There shouldn’t be any illegal content either and it shouldn’t be bombarded with advertisements.

Tip: From the time you apply for CrakRevenue affiliate, remove any advertisements from your website (including popups) until the time that your application is approved.

Keep the design of the website clean and simple. It should have good amount of content and be a fast responsive website.

Don’t Be lazy! Fill In All The Fields

I know, in this day and age that we’re lazy people. Out of frustration you may end up leaving a few fields blank. Be patient and fill all the fields, even if they are not mandatory. Show the reviewer a little love and he will be happy to approve your application.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Don’t undersell or oversell yourself. Above all be truthful and give them correct and honest information.

Prevent Grammatical Mistakes

Keep yourself in the position of the company. Would you like an application which is poorly formatted, has partial information or lots of basic grammatical errors? I didn’t think so.

Frustrated as you would be, the person reviewing your application at the company will no doubt feel the same. Keep your application clean with zero spelling or grammatical errors.

Traffic Sources Are Important

Again put yourself in the company’s shoes. If they are not making money, how will they pay you. So in the end they want to make money. They will only make money if you send them quality traffic that converts for them. So this is a very important field for them to consider your application.

Be comprehensive and provide all the sources in detailed manner. Quality traffic sources are Social Media, Adult SEO, quality adult blogs, Media buys etc etc.

Do not write black hat techniques like, comment/forum spamming through various software. Keep it short and simple and make sure to mention quality sources of traffic.

In addition, if you have some experience in making money through similar affiliate CPA networks, feel free to mention that. Everyone loves an experienced player and this will greatly increase the chances of you getting approved.

So what are you waiting for? Signup to CrakRevenue now!!

Hopefully this article was of some help to you and we appreciate you giving it a read.

Thanks from the Camstarz Team. Follow us on Twitter @Cam__Starz

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