How Do I Buy Tokens On CamStarz With Cryptocurrency?

Buy Adult Sex Cam Tokens with Cryptocurrency

Buy CamStarz Tokens With Bitcoin & Altcoins

A common support question we get is “How do I Buy Tokens with Cryptocurrency?” Henceforth in this post we will explain the process for you.

With Cryptocurrency becoming more popular and recognized as a cheaper and more efficient payment solution. It’s no surprise that merchants are accepting a variety of Cryptocurrencies as payment for their services.

Several of the best free adult nude webcams platforms now offer payment for Token gifts via a form of Cryptocurrency. Obviously CamStarz was an early pioneer of this, along with Chaturbate and BongaCams.

Why Do Nude Webcams User Prefer Using Cryptocurrencies Instead Of A Credit Card?

It’s because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide you far better privacy. For example, if you do not want someone to see your credit card statement, showing that you’ve purchased Adult Sex Cam Tokens. You can make the payment via cryptocurrency.

CamStarz also gives you the best rate when purchasing tokens via Cryptocurrency. With a minimum of 100 tokens per order.

How Do I purchase Tokens On CamStarz With cryptocurrency?

Purchasing CamStarz tokens with cryptocurrency is so easy! You can purchase tokens with Bitcoin or other coins, by:

  • Going to “Get More” tokens in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Choosing the “Cryptocurrency” option, enter the number of tokens you want to buy (minimum of 100 tokens)
  • Continue to the next step.  
  • Then you will either scan the QR code on the “Scan” tab with your wallet app, or send the exact amount of cryptocurrency to the populated address on the “Copy” tab.

How Quickly Do I Get My Tokens After Purchasing With Cryptocurrency?

You will receive your tokens shortly after confirmation of a successful cryptocurrency purchase.  If your tokens are taking some time to credit after purchasing, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

How Do I Manage My Cryptocurrency Invoices?

You can view your cryptocurrency invoices by visiting The status “Expired” means you haven’t paid an invoice within the allotted time period. The status “Credited” means that your tokens were successfully purchased and deposited to your account.

Hopefully you found this post helpful?

Look out for more posts just like this, based on the frequently asked questions that we receive about CamStarz free adult sex cams.

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